• The Best Books I Read in 2020

    Working from home for 6+ months really helped me over-deliver on my goal to read more this year. I usually set a goal of 12 books to read during the year and by the time I started drafting this post ...

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    The Best Books I Read in 2020
  • Twenty Twenty-One.

    Everyone, pat yourselves on the back for getting through 2020. No one could really have predicted the wild ride that was 2020 - it was the year of wildfires, murder hornets, typhoons, a very close ...

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    Twenty Twenty-One.
  • Black Friday 2020 Haul.

    I started this blog post with the intent of sharing everything I bought from various stores during Black Friday but it turns out, I bought mostly makeup (AHAHAHAHAHA, really, in 2020!?) skincare and a ...

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    Black Friday 2020 Haul.
  • Lockdown Beauty Routine.

    2020 is the year you wear makeup for being indoors - gotta look good for Zoom afterall. These days, my routine is fairly simple and focused on not looking too gaunt/washed up as the shorter days roll ...

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    Lockdown Beauty Routine.

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